9 Summer Date Ideas for Your New England Summer

Chrystn and I went blueberry picking over the weekend. I got to thinking about how we are often trying to come up with fresh ideas for dates. Dinner and a movie can get old. So, here's a few of our recent dates and things that we plan to do together soon. 

Go pick 10 lbs of blueberries together. You'll be glad you did! Chrystn and I picked these at Emery Farm, Durham, New Hampshire.

Go pick 10 lbs of blueberries together. You'll be glad you did! Chrystn and I picked these at Emery Farm, Durham, New Hampshire.

Date ideas for summer in New England:

  1. Pick Your Own. June through October is an amazing time at New England farms. All kinds of fresh produce emerge throughout the summer and fall. We've picked strawberries at Tendercrop Farm in Dover and blueberries at Emery Farm in Durham (they had raspberries this week, too). Blueberry picking was [almost] effortless because the bushes put fistfuls of blueberries at chest level, ready to pick. I suggest you call ahead to see what's ready to be picked. On at least one occasion, we discovered a farm was "picked out" by noon and PYO was closed for the week.
  2. Take a glass blowing lesson. Last summer I took Chrystn to Awear in Portland, Maine for a one hour glass blowing lesson. Side by side, we spent an hour with an instructor as we learned how to manipulate glass with a torch. We both made a pendant, a leaf, and a drink stirrer. Seriously, really fun. You get to play with fire!
  3. Picnic somewhere new. Hot summer nights are meant to be spent outside. Last week we picked up Dos Amigos and took our burritos down to a little spot on Great Bay that we often drive by but never stop. Get out and explore! Bring a long sleeve in case there are bugs.
  4. Play mini golf & drive go karts. Hilltop Fun Center in Somersworth, NH is a great place to go. Mini golf is a great equalizer and low stress, and begs for Adam Sandler/Happy Gilmore quotes. Afterwards, try the "slick track" go kart course. It's like real-life Mario Kart. 
  5. Go for a hike. There are more great hikes in New Hampshire and around New England than you can shake a stick at. Chocorua is a personal favorite. It's steep, but the trail is flanked by amazing waterfalls and the summit is breathtaking, like a scene out of Lord of the Rings. Bring lots of water; a camelback makes life good.
  6. Try surfing or SUPing/paddleboarding. Surfing was one of the funnest things we've done this summer. Cinnamon Rainbows in Rye, New Hampshire is a great place to rent boards and walk to the beach. They offer lessons, too. Definitely get a wetsuit with your rental or bring your own, you'll have a much better time and spend more time in the water. 
  7. Go whale watching. Truly something worth doing at least once in your life. In the Gulf of Maine, you can expect to see humpbacks, fin and minke whales, as well as Atlantic white-sided dolphins. There are a bunch of New Hampshire companies that run boats out of Rye Harbor, Hampton Harbor, and Seabrook Harbor. Granite State Whale Watch was personally recommended to me.
  8. Go camping. Okay, this is more of a vacation than a date. But, you could go for just one night. Make s'mores and bring a favorite card game (cribbage!) or learn a new one. Challenge yourselves to make a gourmet meal using the campfire or camp stove; roughing it doesn't mean you can't get fancy. Acadia National Park is an outstanding place to go camping. The White Mountains have tons of places to go camping. 
  9. Take a pottery class. If you like to laugh, create, and get your hands dirty - this is for you. As a bonus: you can make a souvenir to remember your time together such as a mug or soap dish.
Chrystn and I, surfing at Jenness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire. 

Chrystn and I, surfing at Jenness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire. 

What are your favorite dates? Where do you go to have fun with your partner?

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