Laney + David | Wedding Anniversary Photos in Popham Beach, Maine

Laney & David have the kind of love story that show us how small the world really is, and that, perhaps, we are destined to meet "the one" when the timing is just right. Or, maybe, you have already met "the one" and didn't even know it! Check out the story below as told by Laney. And enjoy the photos!

Location: Popham Beach, Maine

Date: June 12, 2016


CK: How did you guys meet?

Laney: I was living in Connecticut and David in West Point. I went to hire a nanny and put an ad in a newspaper in a small Indiana town that my niece had gone to boarding school at called Culver. He was a reference for one of the applicants. When I called I said, "Well this is a different situation as I am raising 2 kids on my own as a pastor," and he said, "Well I am raising 2 kids on my own as a pastor too!" We began talking by phone every Friday night. 3 months later we still had not met in person. My niece came to visit and I told her that I had a 'phone date' that night and that I thought I was in love with this man who I had never met. "What's his name?" she asked. "David Pitt," I replied. "CHAPLAIN David Pitt?" she said with incredulity on her face. "Yes," I said. "How did you know that?" And she replied 'Remember when you came to my graduation at Culver 6 years ago? The Chaplain who sat with us at dinner? That was HIM!"

CK: Whoa... what a small world! What a story. How about strengths, what would you say is the greatest strength to your relationship?

Laney: I believe the greatest strength in our relationship is that we always treat each other with respect, we allow each other room to grow and change, and that we have a similar sense of humor!

CK: You have been married 26 years! What is the key to a long lasting relationship?

Laney: I think the key to any long lasting relationship is exactly what I said above. It is what we wish for all of our children in their relationships!

CK: I had so much fun taking pictures with you guys. What do these photos mean to you?

Laney: Photos are important to me because I believe they capture a moment that you can revisit as you age and remember feelings and events that may otherwise become dim in your memory. I also think they provide a window for our children into what our life was like. They make me smile and remind me that I am lucky to be married to the love of my life and my best friend!