Stacey & Eric's Mount Agamenticus Engagement Experience

I first met with Stacey & Eric in Dover, New Hampshire at their pre-wedding consultation in April. While our coffee was still hot, we knew we wanted to work together! So we jumped into planning for their engagement photography session. We got to talking about summer and hiking, and naturally hatched a plan for their engagement photography atop Mount Agamenticus.

Mount Agamenticus is a small mountain in Cape Neddick, Maine. Agamenticus has a number of short trails, as well as an access road to the top (which we took). Of course, you can believe that I talked my Chrystn into a scouting trip to have a walk around before Stacey & Eric's shoot.

Here are the images that we created, followed by a few questions I pitched to Stacey & Eric after their session. COUPLES - check out what they have to say! Straight from them, this is what you can expect!


1. What was your favorite thing about your engagement photography session?

"We loved how fun and relaxed the session was. We also appreciated that you were open to us dragging you up to a mountain top and working with including our dog in the photos (pet photography versus wedding photography is a whole other ball game!) We felt very comfortable having our photos taken - like getting photos taken by a well trained friend who is not afraid to tell you to "turtle" your neck. :)"


2. Eric, What were you expecting going into the session and how did you feel afterward? Were you surprised by anything? 

"I was not sure what to expect. I certainly wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I don't particularly like having my picture taken but I found myself laughing most of the time. Chris has a lot of enthusiasm and is fun to work with. The setting allowed us to feel relaxed and to be ourselves and I think that really came out in our shoot."


3. Stacey, What were you expecting going into the session and how did you feel afterward? Were you surprised by anything? 

"I was nervous since I don't feel like I photograph well and I don't really like being the center of attention. When I'm on the spot I usually revert to my "goofy" face and didn't want a whole bunch of photos with this goofy face on display. I was really impressed when we got there and Chris had already had the whole mountain top scoped out and already had some amazing shots planned - this really helped us relax and act like ourselves. We also liked that Chris was able to be flexible and has such a well trained eye that he was able to see great opportunities/compositions. Chris more than exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with these photos. We look forward to the wedding!"

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