Jen & Joe | Peirce Farm at Witch Hill Wedding Photography Preview

What makes a perfect fall wedding? This: A perfect crisp fall afternoon, a great venue with a beautiful outdoor space and warm interiors and historic opulence, a down to earth couple, and a strong outpouring of friends and family. Oh, and let’s not forget a great meal catered by Giffy’s Bar-B-Q!

Jen & Joe’s wedding was a blast, great way to kick-off October.

Let’s start with Joe. Getting to know Joe is probably the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to photographing my own brother on his wedding day. Joe is the easy-going kind of guy with whom you laugh and share stories freely. Like the one he told me about crushing a breakfast buffet unknowingly right before college football time trials (ouch). He’s one of those guys with whom every conversation is like talking with an old friend.

And then there is Jen, simply downright thoughtful, kind, and a joy to be around. She’s like the perfect compliment that you would want for your own brother. It’s no wonder these two found each other, and saw in each other that they were destined to be together.

And their vows? Let’s just label these THE VOWS OF THE CENTURY.

There was not a person in attendance who did not laugh, cry, and then cry more because they were laughing so hard. Totally unexpected, in my opinion, but these two had the funniest, most personal, and deepest vows that I have ever heard to-date. So many lines stick in my mind. From jokes about pizza addictions and trying new gyms to opposing views of Halloween, they were just so personalized. And with those vows, if you had never met them, you would know these two are perfect for each other.

Oh and I would be remiss if I did not say Joe had the most phenomenal reaction to seeing Jen at their First Look before their ceremony (Joe’s word: “WHOA! OH MY GOD!… OH MY…..”) Jen simply took his breath away, as their photos show.

Congratulations, you guys!

Full feature to follow. Enjoy this Wedding Photography Preview.

Wedding Venue | Peirce Farm at Witch Hill (Topsfield, Massachusetts)

Caterer | Giffy’s Bar-B-Q

DJ | Perfect Mix Entertainment Company

Photo booth | Perfect Mix Entertainment Company

Flowers | Hey Bouquet

Bridal Salon | Here Comes The Bride (San Diego)

Hair | Rachel Ellen, Sola Salon Studios

Wedding Photography | Chris Keeley Photography