Brianna & Dan | Dell-Lea New Hampshire Fall Wedding Preview

The stage was set. The sun was shining, though the winds were blowing and the air was 20* or more cooler than the day before. No worries. Brianna & Dan carried forth with their outdoor ceremony at Dell-Lea surrounded by friends & family. They made their day special with a number of personal touches, from starting at their family’s incredible Victorian home to a warm welcome toast by Dan to friends and family.

In getting to know Brianna & Dan I learned something really cool. These two met in astrology class in college. And carrying on with college traditions, Dan wrote his words to Brianna just before he got dressed for the day. Why wait to the last minute? Well, Dan admits, that’s what he always did with his homework for class. And Brianna knows this about Dan. It only seemed fitting for that part of their story to be captured in photos.

Shoutout to the rest of the team who helped with their day! Enjoy this Preview.

New Hampshire Wedding Venue | Dell-Lea Weddings & Events

Flowers | Jennifer Sylvia

Wedding DJ | Don’t Stop the Party Entertainment

Wedding Photography | Chris Keeley Photography