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Aaron + Brittany | Gibbet Hill Wedding Pictures

Aaron + Brittany | Gibbet Hill Wedding Pictures

Preview of wedding pictures from Brittany + Aaron’s wedding at Gibbet Hill in Groton, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

10 Alternatives to Dancing at Your Wedding

I recently had a conversation with a bride-to-be looking for alternatives to dancing at her wedding. Here's the good news for those of us who weren't born with the "dance moves" gene (that's me) -- There are a ton of other ways to celebrate your day without a DJ or dance floor. Though you may still opt for the traditional first dances, the night does not have to revolve around dancing.

One of the benefits of no dance floor/DJ is that guests can carry on conversations at an audible level, and actually talk with one another. Novel idea, huh? :) Although, I do encourage some sort of live band like a guitarist or string quartet. Because ambiance is important. 

10 alternatives to dancing at your wedding:

  • Lawn Games // Ladder ball, corn hole, heck, even bring back the games from field day at school like the three-legged race or the dizzy race where you spin 10 times on the wiffle ball bat and then run full speed. 
  • Giant Jenga // Who doesn't love Jenga? Giant Jenga involves blocks stacked to the height of a small human using 2"x4"s.
  • Trivia // Make teams, base the questions on knowledge of the bride & groom. Give away prizes and make it competitive!
  • Professional performer // whether it's a comedian or a magician, book professional entertainment that will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. Try to see them beforehand if you can. My suggestion would be comedian Bob Marley (just sayin'). 
  • Charades // Belly laughs guaranteed. Depending on your tastes, you could a la Cards Against Humanity or a more mild version with DIY topics that you come up with together. 
  • Piano bar // Are you or your partner a talented pianist? Why not invite all your friends to join in song as you play their requests! (See Renee & Sam's wedding; it was a huge hit) 
  • Karaoke // It makes me think of the quote from Dumb & Dumber when they're driving in the van and Lloyd says, "Radio? We don't need a radio!" before they start singing mocking bird. 
  • Murder Mystery // Great for a wedding around Halloween... hide clues around the wedding venue for guests to find. 
  • A DIY station // most weddings will provide a take-home souvenir from the wedding. Why not make it part of the experience? Candy apples or candles, there's a ton of things that wedding guests could make themselves given the tools, resources, and instructions.  
  • Have your reception somewhere conducive to a major activity // ice skating, laser tag, a private arcade, go-karts, etc. Provide an activity that kids and adults alike will enjoy and really make your wedding memorable.
Song books at Sam & Renee's wedding made the perfect accompaniment to Renee's presence behind the piano, enabling guests to sing along to the songs of their choice.

Song books at Sam & Renee's wedding made the perfect accompaniment to Renee's presence behind the piano, enabling guests to sing along to the songs of their choice.

There you have it. Whether it's a logistical challenge or you just aren't into dancing, you don't have to have a dance floor at your wedding. There are lots of alternatives to make your wedding really fun and memorable without dancing.