Chris Keeley

// New Hampshire Wedding Photographer
// Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
// Dover, New Hampshire, USA & Worldwide

I just love making awesome pictures for my clients. 

Careful planning and preparation are key. I invest the time and energy to photograph who you are, not just what you look like, and that begins with getting to know you. Coincidentally, you'll find comfort in front of the camera. "I'm not a professional model," or "what do I do with my hands" are comments I hear all the time. That's why I will guide and direct you from the first shot to the last. No prior experience necessary.

My style blends great lighting, backgrounds, and world-class post-production to create bold, dramatic imagery. If you want bright and airy photography, I'll be happy to refer you to someone who does that. But if you desire something spectacular and out of the ordinary, then oh man have we got to work together!

When I'm not shooting weddings and portraits, I'm either feasting on ice cream with my wife or I'm in the gym training toward my lifetime goal of a triple bodyweight squat. Yah, they go together. 

Let's make something amazing for you!

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Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA)