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Digital Photography for Beginners
299.00 399.00

January 12, 2019 | 9AM - 2PM

Chris Keeley Photography, 44 Portland Ave, Suite 11, Dover, NH 03820

This full-day workshop is perfect for anyone interested in taking control of their digital SLR camera to take better pictures, whether it's vacation pictures, family, heck, even your dog. We'll blast through key technical concepts that manuals make seem so overwhelming, and get you started down the road toward a life long love of photography. 

By attending this workshop, you will gain the skills and knowledge to:

  1. Understand how your camera works

  2. Be able to select settings for the desired affect, including controlling shutter speed, aperture, and ISO (Eye S what?)

  3. Select proper lenses to achieve desired results

  4. Conquer photographing in low light and fast action

  5. Create more compelling photographs using basic rules of composition, including rule of thirds, filling the frame, and use of negative space

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