Headshots for New Hampshire Hair & Makeup Artist

This is Jen. Jen is the artist behind Beauty On The Run. Jen wanted to make headshots that captured her personality for her business. 

Knowing Jen well, and that her brands colors are black and red, we crafted a vision for something extra special to help her stand out. 

I love making epic hairspray shots for my wedding clients. Jen has lots of hairspray, I figured, why not make a backlit hairspray shot for Jen? And then gel the lights to make it RED! 

And then to really make her headshots stand out, I uplit her with a beauty dish from below, as opposed to traditional portraits lit from the side or above. Uplighting is a gorgeous light when done correctly. 

There's a little behind the scenes image at the bottom if you're curious to see what the setup looked like.


The lighting setup:

 Checkout www.facebook.com/chriskeeleyphotography for a FULL description of how I applied this setup.

Checkout www.facebook.com/chriskeeleyphotography for a FULL description of how I applied this setup.

Winter Maternity Session For the Win!

"What's the most extreme weather you've photographed in?" Eileen asks as we get out of our cars and snug up our winter wear.

"THIS!" I laughed. 

Later on when we reviewed the images at the ordering appointment, we agreed, it was 100% worth braving the winds and sideways snow. Thank you, Winter Storm Skylar. The world is my studio!

We made beautiful images for this little one's nursery and a nice portrait of Eileen & Andy to go over the dresser in their bedroom. (Finished products shown here).

 Finished Products. Maternity portraits printed on canvas.

Finished Products. Maternity portraits printed on canvas.

Custom Framing Now Available!

Custom Framing Now Available!

You now have custom framing available for your portraits! These frames are sure to add wow factor to your portraits, and to compliment your home's decor. That's part of the complete service offered as a professional photography studio, based in Dover, New Hampshire.

How To Never Forget Your Password Ever Again


How To Never Forget Your Password Ever Again

I know. I get it. You have dozens if not hundreds of passwords to remember. Some accounts require passwords with special characters, or a new password every six months. How the heck can you remember them all? 

It's SO frustrating when you get there, forget your password, and then have to Request Password. You get the PASSWORD RESET email... or the text with six digits... ugh. 

So I started using this new solution that I know you are going to love. 

It's called 1Password


You can login to anywhere with just a click, or if you're on your phone, unlock your vault with the master password or fingerprint ID and then it will insert your login for you. Voila!

It's quite simple. This app runs on your computer, and stores and fully encrypts of all your logins. Read: This. Is. Safe. 

All you need to remember is your main password to access the app. And, what's more, your main password never leaves your device once it's entered. It stays local, so your main password never even goes out to the web. 

You can read all about the secure features here:


What I also like about this app is that you don't have to make passwords anymore. You can randomly generate passwords for a login, like Jue%3nulsUnj!haPzh0h#j91h. Now that's a good one. Good luck ever cracking that code, and no need to remember it either! 

Give this app a try, I promise you will be glad you did. 

You'll never have to remember a password again!