9 Gifts That Keep Giving Well Into 2018

The Amazon Echo | We have one in our home. The technology behind Alexa is superior to Siri on your iPhone, with a vast Amazon Music library at your command, it's an awesome touch to your kitchen or living room. It's also great for asking for unit conversions in the kitchen when your hands are full; creating grocery lists; checking what's playing in the movies; and so much more. Get it here

Coffee Subscription | Seriously, Who doesn't love coffee? 97.8% of the world drinks coffee (okay, false stat; sounds reasonable though, right?).  My personal go to is French Toast coffee available at Tendercrop in Dover, New Hampshire. But, if you want to kick it up a notch, why not give someone a coffee subscription? Check this out -- fresh beans delivered to your door every two weeks. In full disclosure, I have not tried it, but with names like Hair Bender and Holler Mountain, it's got to be good. Get it here

Massage | Of all the ways that you can care for yourself, I believe massage is one of the most underrated and overlooked services. I have fallen into monthly massages and my body thanks me for it. Whether it's deep tissue work or relaxation/meditative, massage does wonders for your brain and body. If you're local to the New Hampshire Seacoast, definitely check out Dynamic Massage in Barrington. Get it here

Photography Education | Anything education-related is a gift that keeps on giving. And when it comes to photography, that couldn't be more true. Even better, bundle this gift with a new camera for someone you love and watch them find a new passion! I am offering a beginners photography workshop on January 20. At the time of writing this, there are 9 seats left. Get it here

Green Chef | Whether it's a trial or a subscription, this is a winning gift. My wife and I received this last year and we loved it. Discover new recipes without the burden of the grocery store. Most recipes deliver 4 servings, so there are leftovers too. Get it here

Monthly Cologne Delivery | Fact: every guy loves to smell good. And for some, finding the "right" cologne takes a while. From Coach to Kenneth Cole, send a selection of designer colognes to someone you love each and every month. This is brilliant. I swear, if I don't receive this, I may have to get it for myself! Available at Scentbird. Get it here

Bose Soundlink Mini II | I've always been a fan of the quality of Bose sound systems. There's a few things I love about this one: extremely portable, long-lasting battery, speedy bluetooth syncing. And yes, it sounds amazing for such a small device. The bass is good and the volume is loud. Simply put it on the docking station to charge; grab it and go. Get it here

Spotify | For the music lover in your life, I recommend a Spotify subscription. Here's why: for $10/month, you get a unlimited music and custom playlists that are AD-FREE (nothing kills your workout or commute like listening to commercials). And if you travel a lot (i.e., airplanes), than being able to save playlists for offline use is a huge benefit. Get it here

Apple TV 4K | This day in age, you gotta have a streaming device connected to your television (unless it has streaming built in). The Apple TV 4K provides complementary access to 4K content, as well as the Netflix and [soon] Amazon Prime ecosystems. The bonus of an Apple TV 4K over a Roku device is, of course, bluetooth access to project content from your devices onto your television screen. That comes in handy from time to time. Get it here