Professional Headshots on Location in Dover, New Hampshire

I met Rob for his new headshots at his home in Dover. I first met Rob (and his now-wife Lisa!) last spring when we met for their wedding photography. Lisa had the brilliant idea to shoot their engagement session at Petey’s in Rye New Hampshire, a favorite place of theirs. We made a killer image for their wall that to this day is also one of my personal favorites.

Back to Rob’s headshots…

I love shooting headshots on location. Just like the wedding day, it’s always a riddle to solve: where is the best light, how can I shape it, and what can we do for the background. From conference rooms to hotel suites, there’s always a solution.

Rob’s living room had a long bank of windows creating nice soft light. With a few reflectors, we had a perfect headshot setup. We cycled through a few outfits, made a bunch of headshots, and Rob made his selections. Here’s a few he chose. Great job, brother!

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