I'm Excited for 2019 And Here's Why

Holy moly. I’m just coming up for air after the holidays. Do you feel like the last two months just blew by?  I enjoyed serious time off with my family, which was amazing, notably seeing my daughter and her cousins run around at Christmas for the first time. 

Resolutions are great, but what’s actually exciting for you this year? Like, what do you know is coming that you’re looking forward to?

Here’s a few things I’m excited for in 2019:

  1. I’ll begin to offer videography services, with a focus on promoting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Wedding videography will come a little farther down the road (I enjoy photographing the wedding day too much right now!).

  2. Shoot the most epic engagement session at Fenway Park with John & Nancy. The art from this shoot is going to be insane! I have such a vision for how this will turn out. I want to hit each of the four Boston sports venues in the next few years.

  3. Venturing to all kinds of new wedding venues in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, even California! I love photographing weddings in new places because it’s so inspiring to create new and original images for people.

  4. I’m having another kiddo! Yup, that’s right. Chrystn and I are expecting #2 to arrive in late February. Gwen is going to be a big sister!

  5. Photograph more maternity and newborn! So many of my clients-become-friends from past weddings are expecting this year, and it’s so profoundly meaningful to me to help tell the story of the next chapter of their life together.

What are YOU excited about this year? Comment below or join the conversation over at Facebook.com/chriskeeleyphotography.