How To Never Forget Your Password Ever Again

I know. I get it. You have dozens if not hundreds of passwords to remember. Some accounts require passwords with special characters, or a new password every six months. How the heck can you remember them all? 

It's SO frustrating when you get there, forget your password, and then have to Request Password. You get the PASSWORD RESET email... or the text with six digits... ugh. 

So I started using this new solution that I know you are going to love. 

It's called 1Password


You can login to anywhere with just a click, or if you're on your phone, unlock your vault with the master password or fingerprint ID and then it will insert your login for you. Voila!

It's quite simple. This app runs on your computer, and stores and fully encrypts of all your logins. Read: This. Is. Safe. 

All you need to remember is your main password to access the app. And, what's more, your main password never leaves your device once it's entered. It stays local, so your main password never even goes out to the web. 

You can read all about the secure features here:


What I also like about this app is that you don't have to make passwords anymore. You can randomly generate passwords for a login, like Jue%3nulsUnj!haPzh0h#j91h. Now that's a good one. Good luck ever cracking that code, and no need to remember it either! 

Give this app a try, I promise you will be glad you did. 

You'll never have to remember a password again!


BTS & Install of 2017 Phoenix Taskforce Team Composite

BTS & Install of 2017 Phoenix Taskforce Team Composite

Team photo of the powerlifting & bodybuilding team Phoenix Taskforce at Phoenix Fitness in Dover, New Hampshire with behind the scenes and installation of final art piece.

Announcing The Headshot Event 03.16.17, Dover, New Hampshire


MARCH 16, 2017, 8:30AM-6:30PM | 1 WASHINGTON ST., SUITE 470, DOVER, NH

You are the greatest asset to your business, and your headshot is a key marketing tool. 

You are the greatest asset to your business, and your headshot is a key marketing tool. 

What is the headshot event?

The Headshot Event is the fast and easy way to update your headshot. This is a one day event in Dover, New Hampshire offering 20-minute appointments from 8:30AM - 6:30PM on March 16, 2017. Individual sessions are just $95 (regularly $185).


How can I update my headshot?

RSVP online today; space is limited to 19 seats! www.chriskeeleyphotography.com/headshotevent


What should I expect at my appointment?

  • Your private appointment is 20 minutes, and you will work directly with Chris Keeley.
  • You may select a gray or white backdrop. Both are tried and true for a professional look. If you’re unsure, you will be assisted in your selection.
  • You will be guided by simple posing cues to help you look and feel your best.
  • You will select your headshot on screen, and you're done! 
  • Your headshot is delivered to your email within two business days.


What people are saying about headshots

"I've been in need of a professional headshot for some time. Every time I received a request for one I would cringe as I searched my hard drive and Facebook for a respectable selfie or candid that I could pass off as I reminded myself I needed to get a professional headshot scheduled. Now after my great experience with Chris, the ease and comfort of the session, and my awesome new headshots, I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. Thank you for the great headshots and the great experience, Chris."

- Keith T.


"The process was very simple for having my pictures taken. I had never gone through the process before but Chris was very easy to work with. The quality of my pictures is amazing and it has given me the opportunity to spruce up my LinkedIn profile! I would absolutely recommend Chris Keeley Photography for anyone looking to get a headshot!"

- Nicholas H.


"Chris leverages the best of technology, a broad professional network along with his personal experiences and knowledge to capture what I felt are real and genuine reflections of me. Chris will work with you to understand what you desire. He is one of the best professional photographers I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him for any professional photography needs you may have or desire."

- Jesse A.

Introducing Chris Keeley Photography 2.0

Welcome to Chris Keeley Photography 2.0. Alas, all portraits formerly from "Chris Keeley Photography" and the weddings line from "Chris Keeley Weddings" are now under one roof.

New logo, refined brand, same great experience and professional photography. 

New logo, refined brand, same great experience and professional photography. 

Why the merger, you may be wondering? Why even have separate wedding and portrait brands in the first place? Well, for years I had felt that my portrait portfolio was distinctly different from the style of photography I provide today's bride and groom. 

Then my business mentor gave me clarity one morning during our weekly call. It's not different, I realized. In fact, there is consistency between my portrait and wedding portfolio: great light, striking backgrounds, and posing straight from the fashion industry. I've always created images that elevate people to transcend from everyday life. 

I didn't become a photographer to take pictures that look just like everyone else's. I don't want to be just like everyone else, and I know my clients don't either.

Professional photography is anything but a casual encounter. I work hard to provide the very best images and products I can for you. Photography is a permanent investment that cannot be recreated. It's one of the few things that we cherish immediately and forever upon creation. 

Alas, the Chris Keeley Photography logo now conveys the luxury experience that I strive to provide. 

Welcome to Chris Keeley Photography.

5 Tips To Select Your Wedding Gown

5 Tips To Select Your Wedding Gown

A wedding gown is a truly transformative garment and shopping for and selecting “the” dress is unlike any other shopping experience a girl will ever have. But precisely because it’s such a different experience, many brides are actually unprepared for the experience.